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Even more useful vaporizer accessories. "Oh Azarius, where would I be without you?". Excellent question!

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Recognise this awful situation where your super nice and handy (yet tiny) dabber just seems to disappear all the time? This problem will be a thing of the past with…
1 piece - $10.11
How to ensure a flame under all circumstances? With four flames of course. This Cohiba torch lighter lights everything with a strong and even flame.
1 piece - $27.53

This product is out of stock.

Compact torch lighter with a powerful jet flame. Torch lighters have a hotter flame than normal lighters, making them more suitable for heating herbs which require a higher temperature to…
1 piece - $7.30

This product is out of stock.

Handy torch lighter with a powerful flame that easily survives in windy conditions.

This product is out of stock.

Battery case to hold 2 of your Magic-Flight batteries, small enough to fit into your Magic-Flight Launch Box case.
1 piece - $1.69$0.84
To recharge your batteries. Literally, not proverbially.
1 piece - $19.67$9.83
Car adapter for charging the Mighty vaporizer batteries on the road.
1 piece - $22.19

This product is out of stock.

The power adapter charges the batteries of the Mighty vaporizer.
1 piece - $22.19

This product is out of stock.

The Intellicharge by Nitecore set the standard for a versatile battery charger. Now you can charge 4 batteries at a time thanks to the powerful new Intelligcharge i4.
1 piece - $32.59
Why limit yourself to prefabricated cartridges when you can create your own tasty blends for the O.penVape? O.juice makes it happen!
30 ml - $11.18
Complete PAX 2 charging cradle replacement with cradle and USB cord.
1 piece - $30.90
Is your bag overflowing with bulky chargers for all your electric devices? This mini charger for the PAX 2 offers easy charging.
1 piece - $27.53

This product is out of stock.

Stainless steel replacement screens in packages of five pieces. Available in different sizes.
These pipe screens are made from very high quality stainless steel. Available in 4 different sizes. This package contains 100 screens.
Enable Super...Charge! That's right, this incredibly small charger has you puffing away in no time.
1 piece - $10.68
Interested in vaping e-liquids? With the SubX Subohm tank you will be able to produce amazing amounts of vapour.
2.0 ml - $33.15
Did the coil of your SubX roll into the street where it was crushed by a passing truck? Here are the replacement coils.
2ml - 0.5ohm - $2.81

This product is out of stock.

What to do with spent material from your stem or whip style vaporizer? Spit it out my friend. Spit it into the universal The Vape Spittoon to be more specific. 
1 piece - $32.59

This product is out of stock.

USB to mini-USB cable to charge your TopBond Odin, Torch and Novae vaporizer on your computer. Can also be used for other electronic devices with mini-USB port.
1 piece - $5.06$3.03
Magnetic tool to store your VapCap with or a replacement piece for the DynaStashER.
1 piece - $6.74
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