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Even more useful vaporizer accessories. "Oh Azarius, where would I be without you?". Excellent question!

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Did the coil of your SubX roll into the street where it was crushed by a passing truck? Here are the replacement coils.
Interested in vaping e-liquids? With the SubX Subohm tank you will be able to produce amazing amounts of vapour.
2.0 ml - $33.68
What to do with spent material from your stem or whip style vaporizer? Spit it out my friend. Spit it into the universal The Vape Spittoon to be more specific. 
1 piece - $33.10
Glass mouthpiece, tubing and herb chamber, for use with the Top-Vapor vaporizers.
1 piece - $10.84
USB to mini-USB cable to charge your TopBond Odin, Torch and Novae vaporizer on your computer. Can also be used for other electronic devices with mini-USB port.
1 piece - $5.14
Magnetic tool to store your VapCap with or a replacement piece for the DynaStashER.
1 piece - $7.42
Need some help with filling your vaporizer like a pro? The Scoop-N-Tamp tool lets you scoop your weed safely into the chamber, followed by a good push (if needed).
1 piece - $26.83
Torch lighters get hotter than normal lighters and don't leave soot on glassware, such as glass pipes and vaporizers.
1 piece - $18.26
Modern life requires a jet flame lighter. How else are you going to heat up your VapCaps or Sticky Brick vaporizers? The Zorr jet flame is the affordable option.
black - $2.85
These are very strong resealable zip bags in 50 micron transparent polyethylene. They can be used for several purposes.
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