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With so many herbs to vaporize, having a decent storage container to hold it all in is almost a must. Our selection of vaporizer storage containers includes products that offer airtight and smell proof seals for herbs as well as easy storage solutions for oils and other liquids.

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Complete the Arizer lifestyle with one of these glass jars to store your weed.
These multi-deployable tapered silicone rubber plugs will fit male and female openings with a water-tight fit. Cleaning your bong just became a lot tidier.
Convenient silicon ball for storing all your oily or waxy vaping material.
1 piece - $5.22

This product is out of stock.

Don't you hate spilling your precious herbs when loading your Haze Dual V3? The Easy Load Tool fixes that problem for good.
- $4.64

Extra storage jar that can be placed in the HydroBrick Maxx. Your stash will always be right in front of you!

1 piece - $7.54

Five brand new corks for your HydroBrick Maxx storage jar.

1 piece - $5.22

This clever storage jar keeps your favourite herbs deliciously fresh in the most eco-friendly way possible!

This product is out of stock.

Replacement gaskets to shock-proof your Classic JyARz.

1 piece - $7.54

Replacement glass core for your JyARz Classic storage jar. Your stash will have a home again!

1 piece - $5.22

This product is out of stock.

Hold different kinds of stash in this stylish ceramic container. Take it out, put it in your Linx vaporizer: get high!
1 piece - $12.19
A plastic screw top container to hold the material that has already been vaped.
1 piece - $1.74

This product is out of stock.

A tin to store your Magic-Flight or any spare mini-thermonuclear device you happen to have lying around.
1 piece - $6.96

This product is out of stock.

The artisans at Magic-Flight have truly outdone themselves with the Delta Box accessory. This triangular wooden box is a complete mystery at first glance, but is in fact a convenient…
1 piece - $56.87$28.44
These trays enable you to use herbal concentrates and extracts in your Launch Box. The trays are constructed from stainless steel to securely and safely vaporize your desired concentrate.
1 piece - $16.83
These modern designed mini containers are perfect for your stash, herbs and smokeables. Airtight, water resistant and smell proof.
These mini containers of modern design are perfect for your stash, herbs and smokeables. Airtight, water resistant and smell proof. They are solid, so nobody finds out what’s inside. Practical!
The Puffco Prism is a storage solution designed specifically to fit the needs of the modern day, dabbing enthusiast. It is an excellent addition to your Puffco Plus vaporizer.

This light-weight concentrate case by Puffco holds all your dabs and is the perfect companion for on the go.

1 piece - $22.63

Do you want to carry your stash around wherever you go and be super sneaky about it? This cool stash wallet is going to be your thing.

1 piece - $13.35
Small pouch by Ryot protects your stash and smoking apparel against the elements and beer-swinging festival-goers.

This product is out of stock.

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