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Don't call it a comeback! One of the best-loved vaporizers of all time returns, stronger, smarter and faster.

One of the biggest selling vaporizers ever gets a long-awaited sequel which packs a number of interesting improvements.
The Arizer Go (ArGo) is Arizer's newest dry herb vape. This vaporizer offers the same performance, durability and all features you love about the Arizer vapes, packed in a tiny,…
1 piece - $226.48
The Arizer Extreme Q is an improved version of the Arizer Extreme vaporizer from Canada. A new design, more energy efficient, and a much more silent fan.
1 piece - $202.51$166.56

This product is out of stock.

A high quality vaporizer from Canada! Arizer has paid attention to every detail to provide you with years of reliable performance.
1 piece - $154.58$113.84
The Arizer Air Belt-Clip Carry Case holds your Arizer Air and two spare parts. Keeping your Arizer Air handy at all times for a sneaky puff or two!
1 piece - $13.78
Replacement battery for your Arizer Air II or ArGo vaporizer, produced by Arizer. 
1 piece - $29.36

The all-glass aroma tube/mouthpiece is compatible with the Arizer Air II and Arizer Solo II.

Charge your Arizer Air II whilst driving with this super handy car charger!
1 piece - $29.36
Replacement glass aroma tube with mouthpiece tip, suitable for both the Arizer Air II and Arizer Solo II vaporizer.
Hard-shell carry case for your Air II and some accessories.
1 piece - $29.36
Sturdy battery case to store your Arizer Air II/Go batteries in.
1 piece - $3.00
You can easily check the power level of the 18650 battery for your Arizer Air II or Go with this charge tester which comes with an extra battery.
1 piece - $29.36
Safely bring your glass aroma dish with you with this specially designed PVC travel tube with cap.
1 piece - $1.80
Glass mouthpiece for an extra comfortable vape experience with the Air Solo II and Air II.
Bent glass mouthpiece for the Arizer Air II and Solo II, with 4 holes for improved airflow.
1 piece - $11.38

Connect your Arizer Air II or Solo II to a water pipe for extra tasty vapours.

Glass dish for potpourri/aroma therapy. Potpourri not included.
1 piece - $5.39
Safely transport the (pre-loaded) stem for your Arizer vape in this super stoner proof travel tube.
Replacement charger and power adapter that revitalises your Arizer Air battery and allows you to use the vaporizer while it's charging.
1 piece - $35.35
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