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Dr. Dabber Ghost 510 thread to magnet attachment

Dr. Dabber Ghost 510 thread to magnet attachment

14115 Dr. Dabber

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Customize your Ghost vaporizer with adding this adapter to the 510er thread. Then, your Ghost battery magnetically snaps to an Aurora top. The 510er allows you to use your Ghost or any other 510er battery to power one of the three premium Aurora atomizers attached to an Aurora mouth piece.

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The description above explains this attachment is for your ghost battery to upgrade to the aurora atomizers?!?!?....... I guess it was it's intended use. i have always felt that concentrate pen are severely limited by there batteries..... i.e. Short battery life/low Mah, no battery indicator to know charge, and no pass through technology to allow use while charging.
Instead of upgrading your ghost battery?! I feel this product is more suited for adapting your aurora atomizers to a VV/VW box mod. I currently am using the eleaf I-stick 30 W mod. Which has all the features I mentioned above ....What you lose in stealth( which isn't much ) is made up by the battery features of the box mod.

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