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The VapCap is a discreet pocket sized vaporizer, which is very simple to use. It has a built in temperature indicator, just wait for the click.

1 piece - $49.16

This product is out of stock.

For those who like to incorporate the VapCap in their style game we give the VapCap M. Clean and strong while still using the trusted heat and click technique.

1 piece - $69.33$61.77

Get into the VapCap game. It's easy, tasteful and quite affordable. No more batteries to get your lungs filled with vapour.

1 piece - $69.33

This product is out of stock.

Dynavap strikes again with the NonaVonG VapCap. So simple, yet so effective.
One of the great VapCaps just got bigger. Of course, the NonaVonG still features a tapered wooden midsection for a pleasurable grip.

This is the talk of all the vaporizer mega minds at Azarius Headquarters, the Dynavap VapCap OmniVap. Now also available in Blackwood and Cocobolo!

From the memo at Dynavap lab: Let's make an OmniVap and NonaVong hybrid. The resulting OmniVong combines the variable flow of the OmniVap with the organic feel of the NonaVong.

The VapCap Ti Woody is a sleek, battery-less vaporizer by DynaVap. It's similar to The Terminator, because it is virtually indestructible.

The eternal question: is a larger vaporizer better? You'll have to check that out for yourself with the longer version of the famed VapCap Ti Woody flame vaporizer.

Carbon is the perfect material for vaporizers: it's lightweight and super strong. Add a titanium tip and a spinning mouthpiece and you have something like the perfect flame powered vaporizer.

1 piece - $137.41

The DynaStash is a beautiful addition to keep your VapCap in. Made of high quality wood in Walnut or Cedar.
Keep your VapCap shiny and in optimal shape with this multipurpose wax made from natural ingredients.

1 piece - $8.19

Set of three condenser O-rings for the VapCap vaporizer.

1 piece - $4.41

Sometimes the simplest tools give the best result. You'll be amazed what you can do with your VapCap and a bunch of fiber.

1 piece - $8.19

The DynaKit is a bag full of accessories to keep your VapCap in great condition.

1 piece - $25.21

This product is out of stock.

The maintenance kit by DynaVap keeps your Vapcaps in tip-top shape and re-stocks you on items you've most likely lost by now.

1 piece - $12.61

Magnetic tool to store your VapCap with or a replacement piece for the DynaStashER.

1 piece - $8.19

A fancy magnetic thing to hold your VapCap as well as vaping material? Hell yes.
The fat mouthpiece creates a seal for all VapCap models.

1 piece - $1.89

Set of 5 spare high-temperature o-rings in case you wear out the titanium tip of your VapCap vaporizer.

1 piece - $8.19

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