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Product information

The NonaVonG XLS is a slightly longer version of the VapCap NonaVong. The Nonavong features a 14 mm taper built into the midsection which results in a pleasurable grip. Just light the cap and wait for that reassuring click.

What is the VapCap

The VapCap is a small and discreet vaporizer that operates without the use of electronics or a battery. Making it ideal for camping, festivals and general forgetfulness with no need for charging or spare pieces. It comes in a smell proof storage tube keeping it discreet.

How to use the VapCap NonaVong XLS

  • Fill the tip with a small amount of herb or other material. The NonaVong XLS can also be used with resins and concentrates (just be sure to clean it well afterwards)
  • Place the cap back on
  • Use a lighter (ideally a torch lighter) to evenly heat the cap
  • Once the cap makes a 'clicking' sound, your NonaVonG is ready for use.
  • Inhale and enjoy delicious vapour.
  • The cap will click again once it has cooled down, ready to be heated again.
  • The Dynavap NonaVonG XLS heats your material at temperatures between ~170°C and ~220°C. The temperature also depends on where you apply the heat, close to the very tip of the cap for lower temperature or closer to the other end for higher temperatures.


  • The Adjust-A-Bowl grooves allow 3 different levels of material capacity for customized use by simply re-positioning the titanium CCD.
  • Condenser: XL
  • Spinning Mouthpiece
  • Total Length: 109 mm
  • Handcrafted in the USA

Please note: the colour and patterns of the wood vary and may, therefore, look slightly different than the ones pictured.

Productcode Productname
15180 light wood
15181 dark wood

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