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As one of the fastest portable electric vaporizers, the FlashVAPE is quick to impress. Enjoy a vape in just 5 seconds. The FlashVAPE also features a large bowl, suitable for…

Black - $182.79$91.39

A set of two rechargeable, high capacity lithium batteries (3.2 V) and a Quick Dual Charger station to ensure your FlashVAPE never runs out of juice.

1 piece - $35.23$21.14

Two rechargeable 3.2 V Lithium-Ion batteries for use in the standard FlashVAPE vaporizer.

1 piece - $23.89$16.83

One of worst thing that can happen with a portable vape is running out of juice. This single 3.2 V charger helps you prepare for such a catastrophy. Note: batteries…

1 piece - $16.32$9.79

When your FlashVAPE STAGE-2 battery is running low, this 3.7 V single charger will put your right back in the game. Note: batteries not included.

1 piece - $16.32$9.79

Unleash the full potential of your FlashVAPE with the FVPA adjustable plug-in adapter system! This powerful addition to your FV transforms it from a portable vaporizer to a powerful vaporizing…

Gunmetal - $137.41

This product is out of stock.

2-pack replacement stainless steel filter & O-ring set for your FlashVAPE vaporizer. After a while your filter screen may get clogged, with this set you can quickly swap out the…

1 piece - $16.32$9.79

Glass is a great material, but unfortunately has a tendency to lose when going up against gravity. With this 5-pack of FlashVAPE glass draw tubes you should be insured against…

1 piece - $16.32$9.77

The FlashVAPE water pipe attachment turns the Flashvape into a worldclass pipe vape!

1 piece - $23.95$14.37

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