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Get higher than ever before with the Focus V Carta, a portable dab rig that vapes cannabis concentrates in the blink of an eye.
1 piece - $287.84
Focus V by iFocus Technology is a cleverly designed vaporizer which caters to all the cloudy needs of the starting vaporist. Get focused!
black - $91.32
Focus V Pro S, a steel vaporizer packing all the innovations of the Focus V Pro, shines with a cool industrial look.
Black - $102.88
Focusvape Pro is designed for the vaporist who likes precision. The OLED display makes all the difference.
Black - $102.88
Forgot to clean the atomizer of your Focus V Carta and don't have any time to remove all the concentrate goo? Get a shiny replacement and puff away!
1 piece - $34.10
Use your Focus V Carta concentrate vaporizer to get high in the old school way with this dry herb atomizer.
1 piece - $34.10
Two extra batteries for the Focus V Carta vaporizer. Keep those dab sessions going!
1 piece - $28.32
Extra plastic carb cap helps you to control the airflow while vaping concentrates with the Focus V Carta.
1 piece - $10.98
Forget to clean the glass top of your Focus V Carta and is it giving a swamp like taste? This replacement bubbler restores that clean taste.
1 piece - $34.10
Take the Focus V Carta and your mind to the ultimate level thanks to the amazing original Helix glass piece. Get ready for mesmerizing hits.
1 piece - $206.92
Soften the strong concentrate vapour of your Focus V Carta with the excellent Helix Pill glass bubbler. Enjoy those silky hits!
1 piece - $172.24
Set of two quartz buckets for use in the Focus V Carta atomizer. Ensures even heating at high temperatures.
1 piece - $19.07
Set of two titanium buckets for use in the Focus V Carta atomizer. These babies can take a hit.
1 piece - $19.07
Spare 2500 mAh battery for your Focusvape. Allows you to swap out batteries and keep on vapin'!
1 piece - $14.45
Feeling bubbly? Use this glass bubbler for your Focusvape for thick, smooth clouds and extra fun whilst vaping.
1 piece - $22.54
Replacement screen for the mouthpiece of your Focusvape.
1 piece - $2.89
This pod is what you need if you want to use your Focusvape for waxy concentrates - and that includes hash!
1 piece - $2.89
A pack of 3 stainless steel screens for the chamber of your Focusvape.
1 piece - $2.89
Use this handy cleaning brush to get your Focusvape all nice and shiny.
1 piece - $2.89
Tool for loading your Focusvape with a herb or extract.
1 piece - $2.89
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