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Healthy Rips Force

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This easy to use vaporizer by Healthy Rips is making waves as it counts as the chief jewel in its price range. And it's all convection baby, meaning pure flavour and mighty clouds. May the Force be with you! 


  • Convection heating - The Force is a pure convection vaporizer with patented - Convection Air Heating Technology. This means that the air is heated below the chamber and passes through your herb as you take a draw. The heat is evenly distributed throughout your herb - giving you incredible flavour and a very consistent large cloud of vapour. 
  • High-end aliminium body - Making it extra sturdy.
  • 30 Second heat-up time - Yup, this one works like train.
  • Four temperature settings - Green: 170 °C, blue: 180 °C, purple: 190 °C, red: 210°C, easy peasy. 
  • Force modus - Let us introduce you to the modus that makes this vape into a ferocious beast. Press the button for 3 seconds to activate the modus: the chamber will be extra heated which means b-i-g clouds. 
  • Glass mouthpiece - so this original plastic mouthpiece might be super handy to take your vape anywhere without worrying about shattering any glass parts. However, when we are talking vapour quality, the glass mouthpiece is the real deal. Fortunately, a glass mouthpiece is shipped with every FORCE vaporizer.


    The Force is very easy to use, making it a great choice for a beginner. Simply snap the lid off, pour in your herbs and snap the lid back on. Press the button five times to turn the Force on. Two clicks of the button allow you to select one of four temperature settings and if the desired temperature is reached you are oh so ready to go. Are you way too baked to turn of the Force off? The Force is smart and will do it for you with its 5-minute auto shut off protection. 


Dimensions: 58 x 28 x 111mm (2.3" x 1.1" x 4.4")
Weight : 130 g
Chamber capacity: approximately 0.3 g
Battery: 2200 mAh (built-in)


  • Force vaporizer
  • Oil & wax cup
  • Cleaning brush
  • Wax tool
  • 2 Replacement screens
  • 4 Replacement 0-rings (2 big & 2 small)
  • Tweezers
  • USB Charger
  • Manual
  • Gift box
  • Glass mouthpiece

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