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Additional or replacement rechargeable battery including USB charger for your O.penVAPE vaporizer. Simply charge the battery and attach it to a cartridge with mouthpiece, it's that easy!
If only I could adjust the power on my O.penVAPE battery. Wish granted!
We make the life of the O.penVAPE enthusiast just a bit easier by combing the original battery with a tasty CBD cartridge in one handy package. Zero thoughts needed.

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Easily create your own vape oil cartridge and enjoy it with this complete O.penVAPE 'Fill-It-Yourself' kit. Includes coilless vape pen and accessories for filling cartridges.
1 piece - $57.32
One empty, refillable 0.5 ml cartridge & mouthpiece for mixing your own essential oils with the O.penVAPE kit.
1 piece - $11.64
O.penVAPE presents an unique cartridge for the lovers of CBD.

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O.penVAPE unites the two technological advances of CBD and vaping into one powerful cartridge. Light lemon taste, extra heavy on the CBD. Just as you like it!

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Prepare to get crazy high using your trusty O.penVAPE pen vaporizer. With this attachment, you can enter the wonderful world of dabbing.
1 piece - $22.81
Why limit yourself to prefabricated cartridges when you can create your own tasty blends for the O.penVape? O.juice makes it happen!
30 ml - $11.64
Spare rapid charger for the O.penVAPE 2.0 battery. Carry one wherever you go.
1 piece - $11.11
A beautiful handcrafted slice of wood to keep your O.penVape pen in, discreetly sitting on your desk like a paper weight.
Replacement mouthpiece for the O.penVape Ziggy Marley Conscious Party Dry Herb vaporizer.
1 piece - $8.77
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