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Get the updated 2019 version of the Flip Brick by Sticky Brick, now available at Azarius

So you want to switch to vaping, but you just can’t part from your precious bong? No problem. The Sticky Brick Flip Brick is a handy water tool adapter and a banging flame powered convection vaporizer in one! So save your bong from the glass container, and add a completely new dimension to your water pipe experience.

Let us introduce you to the Flip Brick; the smallest Sticky Brick vape so far. This Brick is designed to work with your favourite bubbler, bong, water tool or water pipe. The Flip Brick comes with a 14 mm and an 18 mm male joint, which allows you to connect it to pretty much any water tool (such as The Honey or the Glass Bomb Tower,)

The Sticky Brick vapes are known for the insanely thick, flavourful and effective vapour they produce. The Flip Brick is no different. The Brick contains no plastic, electronic parts or any other stuff you wouldn’t want interfering with your vapour, your high and your health. All Sticky Brick vaporizers are handmade out of glass and wood.

About the Flip Brick 2019 update

The main difference between the 2019 Flip Brick and the original version is in size. The new Flip Brick is just slightly bigger. Both the flame intake and glass stem have been extended. This results in a longer air path which translates into even cooler vapour. Accidental combustion can now be avoided by the inclusion of two restrictor discs.

The Flip Brick 2019 updated version is available in the following versions:

  • Rock maple
  • Cherry
  • Walnut
  • Black limba (new colour!)

How to use

Flip the intake block to expose the heating chamber. Fill it with finely ground herbs. Flip the joint block, slide it into place and connect it to your favourite water tool. Heat up the vaporizer through the flame intake with a torch lighter. Because of the small size of the device, it might require a bit of practice not to scorch the herbs. If we may give you a tip: aim the torch slightly upward, instead of directly into the flame intake. Try different combinations of the distance of the flame and draw speed to find the technique that works best for you.

What’s in the box?

  • Flip Brick (2019 update) vaporizer
  • Glass heat intake
  • 14 mm male connector
  • 18 mm male connector
  • Butane lighter (butane not included)
  • 2 Restrictor discs
  • 6 Replacement screens
  • Stainless steel stir tool
  • 2 Wooden steer sticks

Please note: The Flip Brick is designed for use with a water filter/piece. A (glass) water filter is not included.


Gently clean your Flip Brick with a cotton swab or q-tip and warm water then dry thoroughly. Please do not clean wood parts with ISO alcohol and only condition with a wood finish.


Do not touch the glass intake immediately after use.

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