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Who hasn’t erupted with laughter after getting high with the Volcano? Prepare yourself for even better highs with the Volcano Hybrid Easy Valve.
1 piece - $682.28
The Crafty+ is ready for the new decade. The popular portable now is faster, lighter and more powerful!
1 piece - $340.00
The original Crafty portable vaporizer by Storz & Bickel. A true classic.
1 piece - $340.00$238.00
The Mighty portable vaporizer by Storz & Bickel (Volcano) features dual lithium-ion batteries and gives you complete control over the vaporisation temperature.
1 piece - $397.04$336.57
The Plenty is an efficient handheld whip vaporizer made by the same people as the Volcano vaporizer. Though it may look like a power tool, it’s surprisingly light weight and…
1 piece - $282.95$227.05
The Volcano; the holy grail amongst all vaporizers. After three minutes of heating up, it produces the thick, clean and delicious clouds of vapour that give this device its legendary…
1 piece - $454.09$375.37
Replace the Crafty or Mighty's stock plastic mouthpiece with a glass one, for a fresher, tastier experience.
1 piece - $10.84
Borosilicate glass water adapter suitable for the Crafty and Mighty vaporizer, allowing you to connect your vaporizer to any water pipe.
Filling aid for the filling chamber of the Crafty or Mighty vaporizer.
1 piece - $5.42
A set of five filling chamber tools for the Mighty and the Crafty portable vaporizers.
1 piece - $5.42
The Crafty car adapter for charging the batteries on the road.
1 piece - $14.55
The Crafty cooling unit cools down the vapour in order to supply a full aromatic and pleasant flavour.
1 piece - $16.83
The cooling unit cools down the vapour in order to supply a full aromatic and pleasant flavour. This set includes three cooling units for the Crafty portable vaporizer.
1 piece - $45.35
The stainless steel liquid pad was developed for the vaporization of liquids and oils. This set contains four liquid pads made to fit the Crafty vaporizer.
1 piece - $5.70
Four spare Crafty mouthpieces. Cooling unit not included.
1 piece - $9.98
The Crafty power adapter with USB Cable for charging the battery.
1 piece - $11.12

This product is out of stock.

Set of six screens for the Crafty vaporizer: four upper screens with regular mesh width and two lower screens with fine mesh width.
1 piece - $4.28

This product is out of stock.

Set of extra screens for the cooling unit of the Crafty vaporizer.
1 piece - $4.28
Normal sized screens for use in the filling chamber of the Crafty vaporizer.
1 piece - $5.42
Full set of replacement seal rings for the Crafty.
1 piece - $5.42
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