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HydroBrick Maxx

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Product information

The HydroBrick Maxx is a convection vaporizer that produces the most epic clouds of vapour, without using any technology. Your good old torch lighter will do the job. You can easily connect it to a water tool with the included whip, but you can also use it ‘dry’ with the regular mouthpiece.


This portable vaporizer is ultra-discreet (and allows you to carry a log around in Twin Peaks style). Non-initiates will never guess the secret identity of your mysterious log. The inside of the HydroBrick Maxx holds space for practically all your accessories, like your herbs and cleaning tools. +1 for stealthiness!

It’s easy to set the HydroBrick up and to take it apart. The glass is thick and won’t break easily. The non-glass parts of the vaporizer even hold a lifelong warranty! The HydroBrick Maxx is available in walnut (the dark coloured one) or cherry (the lighter one)


The HydroBrick Maxx is made of wood and glass. There are no electronic parts involved that could break or interfere with the aroma of your herbs. Log Lady approved!

This vaporizer works on demand; you can heat up your herbs and draw from the mouthpiece simultaneously. The flavour and density of the clouds are phenomenal. Even if you put a little bit of herb in it, the brick will transform it into some pretty thick clouds. The vapour produced by the HydroBrick is cooler than the vapour of the earlier Sticky Brick models. For softer vapour, you can connect it to a water tool.


  1. Open the HydroBrick by removing the bigger block from the top.
  2. Take the intake tube out of the storage and connect it to the smaller block.
  3. Disconnect the smaller block to reach the heating chamber. Load it up with your favourite herb. It doesn’t matter how finely ground your herb is and any quantity will do (as long if you don't over-pack it). Put the block back on the Brick.
  4. If you want to use a water tool, you can now connect it to the mouthpiece. If not, just connect the regular mouthpiece.
  5. Cover the lower air hole with your finger or one of the corks.
  6. Hold your torch lighter about one inch above the intake. Heat up the herbs and inhale.

What’s in the box?

  • 18mm Ground Glass Connection
  • Glass Heat Intake
  • Dry Glass Mouthpiece
  • Whip and Connection
  • Butane Lighter (Unfilled)
  • LED Lighted Tweezers
  • Storage Jar
  • Airhole Corks
  • 5 Replacement Screens
  • Stir / Cleaning Tools
  • Lifetime Warranty, 30 Days For Glass

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