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A spare magnetic lid for your AirVape X vaporizer.
Can't get enough of your ceramic AirVape X mouthpiece? Get another one here!
1 piece - $16.15
Six screens to keep your AirVape X X-tra clean and fresh.
1 piece - $10.58
Enhance the AirVape X with this modest but intricate bubbler. Feel the softness of those water cooled THC molecules. Tasty!
1 piece - $44.00
The sky was full of fluffy clouds, thanks to your AirVape X and a bong connected with this glass adapter.
1 piece - $16.15

This product is out of stock.

Easy to use wax pad lets you get intensely high on concentrates with the AirVape X.
1 piece - $10.58
Spare magnetic mouthpiece for that nifty AirVape Xs Go vaporizer.
1 piece - $10.58
Spare set of six screens for the pocket AirVape Xs Go vaporizer.
1 piece - $10.58

Radically expand the AirVape Xs vape radius with this card-sized power bank. Your AirVape Xs will keep producing clouds on the longest trips, during blackouts and other adventures.

1 piece - $21.72

This product is out of stock.

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