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Six food grade bags/balloons for the Arizer Extreme-Q. Glass mouthpieces not included.
1 piece - $16.54
Includes 2 rimmed dome screens and 2 flat screens. Made of high quality stainless steel material.
1 piece - $5.13
The Arizer stirring tool is a useful instrument for emptying the contents of the bowl after a vaping session, as well as stirring up trouble during one.
1 piece - $3.42
Four heat-resistant stem caps made from high quality silicone. Arizer stem caps are compatible with all Arizer Air and Arizer Solo glass aroma tubes.
1 piece - $5.13

Food / medical grade tubing. Tubing only, does not include any glass attachments.

Includes 97 cm tubing, glass adapter with screens and glass mouthpiece attached.
1 piece - $22.25
Includes 3' tubing with attached glass adapter (with screen) and glass mouthpiece, 1 Glass Cyclone Bowl™ and 1 glass stirring tool.
1 piece - $31.38$15.69
Glass mouthpiece for a 3" whip or interchangeable mouthpieces.
1 piece - $5.13
A handy collection of five screens to keep your Ed's TNT stem for Arizers in optimum condition.
1 piece - $1.71

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