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Arizer Air II wooden stem (Ed's TNT)

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Product information

The Arizer Air II carries standard glass stems. But glass has a tendency to break. Are you getting tired of replacing those stems? Just try the durable Arizer Air II wooden stem from Ed’s TNT. They are handmade, look beautiful and with some regular care will last you a lifetime. The stem has four air holes which deliver superior airflow. And to make life even easier the stem is tapered so it will fit 14 mm water pipe attachments.

The Arizer Air II wooden stem by Ed’s TNT includes 3 O-rings and 3 screens

Made in the U.S.

Arizer Air II wooden stem measurements

Length: approx. 8 cm
Outside diameter: 1 cm

Arizer Air II wooden stem (Ed's TNT) care

Please note: these wooden stems should never be washed, soaked, submerged or dipped in any liquid. This will cause the wood to swell, increases the probability of cracks and can result in discolouring.

Cleaning the inside (as proposed by Ed himself):

  • Take a paper towel and twist it into a tight rope
  • Feed it into the stem through the mouth-tip end while twisting & pushing it through
  • Keep twisting and you will route out any unwanted residual matter
  • For a cleaner extraction, use a very thin washcloth or handkerchief and moisten with alcohol
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