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Replacement coil for the Boundless CF 710 vaporizer
1 piece - $11.33
Quartz replacement coil for the Boundless CF 710.
1 piece - $11.33
Replacement mouthpiece for your Boundless CF Hybrid.
1 piece - $17.29
An original replacement mouthpiece for your Boundless CF vaporizer.
1 piece - $17.29
Replacement mouthpiece screen for the Boundless CF, CFX and CF Hybrid vaporizers.
1 piece - $5.36
Replacement tip for your Boundless CF, CFX or CF Hybrid Mouthpiece.
1 piece - $8.94
Vaping so much that you put the mouthpiece down to refill your Boundless CFC and then mysteriously can't find it again?
1 piece - $17.29
Replacement screens for the Boundless CFC mouthpiece and chamber ensure all herb particles stay in the chamber and not in your mouth.
1 set (3 pieces) - $2.98
Replacement o-ring for the chamber of the Boundless CFV vaporizer.
1 piece - $2.98
Set of 5 spare chamber screens for the Boundless CFV.
5 pieces - $7.15
Enhance the vapor on the already fantastic Boundless CFV, with this glass mouthpiece attachment.
1 piece - $17.29
The Boundless CFV heat retention rings are pretty unique, they give you the ability to create different heat retention settings and flavours in your Boundless CFV's vapo bowl.
Spare mouthpiece for the Boundless CFV vaporizer.
A replacement o-ring for the Boundless CFV mouthpiece.
1 piece - $2.98
Screens for the Boundless CFV mouthpiece. Contains 5 screens per package.
1 set (5 pieces) - $7.15
An original replacement mouthpiece for your Boundless CFX vaporizer.
1 piece - $17.29
This is a spare concentrate/oil pod for the Boundless CF or CFX.
1 piece - $4.17
Small dab tool to conveniently scoop up and load concentrate into your vaporizer.
1 piece - $8.94
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