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The beginning of a new era for VapCap users. The DynaCoil makes vaping concentrates effortless with all DynaVap models.
1 piece - $33.03
The maintenance kit by DynaVap keeps your Vapcaps in tip-top shape and re-stocks you on items you've most likely lost by now.
1 piece - $11.39
The DynaKit is a bag full of accessories to keep your VapCap in great condition.
1 piece - $22.78
Magnetic tool to store your VapCap with or a replacement piece for the DynaStashER.
1 piece - $7.40
XL VapCap? XL stasher. 
A fancy magnetic thing to hold your VapCap as well as vaping material? Hell yes.
Combine flame powered vaping with glass cooling thanks to the Hula Stem which fits any DynaVap tip.
Combine flame powered vaping with extra glass cooling thanks to the large Hula Stem which fits any DynaVap tip.
With the right care, NonaVonG bodies will last you a lifetime. But an extra body can always give your vaporizer a different look.

Heaven forbids something happens to the wooden stem of your VapCap NonaVong. When damaged or if you just want a change of style this extra stem helps you out.

The OmniVap XL is a longer version of the much-loved OmniVap vaporizer. Logically it needs a longer condenser.
1 piece - $101.38
An OmniVap body, either as replacement or to customize your vape experience.
1 piece - $67.21

The core of the OmniVap is made of titanium. Virtually indestructible and a great base for the assembly of your own OmniVap.

1 piece - $89.99
The OmniVap stem for XL Omni pieces.
1 piece - $74.04
The SnapStash offers airtight storage and concealment of your stash.
Replacement stainless tip in the 2019 style for superior heat transfer with your VapCap M.
1 piece - $39.30

This product is out of stock.

Combine your favourited coloured VapCap stem with this XL condenser kit which also adds a handy spinning mouthpiece.
Set of three condenser O-rings for the VapCap vaporizer.
1 piece - $3.99
The fat mouthpiece creates a seal for all VapCap models.
1 piece - $1.71
Set of 5 spare high-temperature o-rings in case you wear out the tip of your VapCap vaporizer.
1 piece - $7.40
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