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Chamber connector for your Focusvape Pro
1 piece - $14.27
Don't throw away your bubbler if you lose the adapter. This spare bubbler adapter for the Focusvape Pro S keeps the juices flowing.
1 piece - $14.27

This product is out of stock.

Chamber connector for your Focusvape Pro S
1 piece - $14.27
Replacement screw cap for Focusvape Pro S
1 piece - $10.84
Never lose your battery with this replacement screw cap for Focusvape Pro.
1 piece - $10.84
3200 mAh battery for your Focusvape Pro or Focusvape Pro S vaporizer.
1 piece - $14.27
Replacement pyrex glass mouthpiece for your Focusvape.
1 piece - $9.70
A glass mouthpiece needs protecting! This silicone mouthpiece cap perfectly fits the Pyrex glass mouthpiece of your Focusvape and will shield it from dirt or bumps while on the road. 
1 piece - $2.85
Is your Focusvape losing its focus? Charge it with this USB cable!
1 piece - $9.70
Go for cool and soft vapour by connecting your Focusvape to a nice bong. This water pipe adapter makes it all possible.
1 piece - $14.27
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