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Pack of five stainless steel conduction screens built to fit perfectly inside either chamber of the Haze Dual vaporizer. These conduction screens provide thicker, more visible vapour. Perfect for cloud…
1 piece - $12.54

This product is out of stock.

Five extra or replacement oil wicks for use with all-purpose canisters of the Haze Dual vaporizer.
1 piece - $5.13
Replacement Haze Dual V3 stainless steel mouthpiece, easily installed, removed and cleaned.
1 piece - $18.24
Lightning fast charging is a feature of the Haze Square PRO. But how many chargers have you lost already? Precisely. Just get an extra to keep pace with your habits.
1 piece - $31.35
Accessory for the Haze Square Tray.
1 piece - $7.41
Replacement air path filter for the Haze Square. Want to keep your air flow as clean as possible? Always have an extra pair of filters on hand.
1 piece - $10.83
Replacement Haze Square battery aka Big Freaking Unit. You need all that power to get really hazed.
1 piece - $27.93
Get into the concentrate game with your Haze Square and these concentrate pads. Just place them in the material pod with some fine concentrate to get intensely high.
1 piece - $9.69
Cleaning and loading tray for your Haze vaporizer.
1 piece - $16.53
Set of replacement heater coils for your Haze Square vaporizer. It's best to replace them from time to time.
1 piece - $7.41

This product is out of stock.

Spare material pod for use with the Haze Square. One of the key elements of this great vaporizer you don't want to lose. Luckily we are stacked with replacements.
1 piece - $10.83
Never lose the mouthpiece of your Haze Square. But in case of emergency, you can always use a replacement.
1 piece - $10.83

This product is out of stock.

The Haze Square silicone pod lid creates a seal so you can use the vaporizer with e-juices and concentrates.
1 piece - $7.41
Give your Haze Square a colourful and slightly psychedelic touch with the silicone sleeve.
Replacement top cover for the tray of your Haze Square vaporizer. Keeps your stuff in place.
1 piece - $24.51
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