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Spare bowl piece plus stainless steel screen for all Herborizer models.
Vape like a king or queen by connecting this suction hose to the Herborizer Bubbler. Now you only need to find a comfy place to sit.
1 piece - $26.81
Replacement glass suction tube for the Herborizer Bubbler.
1 piece - $26.81
Pure convection vaping of concentrates can be achieved with this concentrate bowl and any Herborizer unit.
Keep stirring the weed in your Herborizer to extract all that THC.
1 piece - $4.28
Spare injector for all Herborizer models. The most crucial part of the Herborizer, the injector heats up your herbs to generate vapour.
XL - $112.94
Injector stand for the Herborizer heater. This stand allows the Herborizer heater to cool down when not in use.
1 piece - $21.11
Are you a shaky stoner? This locking clip keeps your Herborizer construction in place.
1 piece - $3.14
A pack of 10 screens for the Herborizer bowl.
10 pieces - $3.14
Replacement borosilicate glass body for the Herborizer Sphere.
1 piece - $135.76
Are you into comfortable vaping? Then this suction hose for the Herborizer Sphere is for you.
1 piece - $26.81
Replacement suction tube for use with the Herborizer Sphere.
1 piece - $9.70
Replacement temperature controller for the XL Herborizer vaporizers.
XL - $73.01
Dropped your bowl? Not to worry, Herborizer has all sorts of replacement pieces.
Herborizer makes handblown glass vaporizers but their replacement pieces are of the same superb quality. This Ti glass Enail is a great backup item.
Did you break or lose the injector for your Herborizer Ti? Or do you want to save one for a rainy day?
1 piece - $14.26
A replacement heater for the Herborizer Ti/Enail.
1 piece - $169.98
Keep your injector TI (or bowl TI) safe with this robust injector stand.
1 piece - $44.49
O-rings are easy to lose but also easy to come by.
1 piece - $4.28
You can never have enough screens for your favourite vaporizer!
1 piece - $3.14
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