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Spare bowl piece plus stainless steel screen for all Herborizer models.
Vape like a king or queen by connecting this suction hose to the Herborizer Bubbler. Now you only need to find a comfy place to sit.
1 piece - $27.08
Replacement glass suction tube for the Herborizer Bubbler.
1 piece - $27.08
Pure convection vaping of concentrates can be achieved with this concentrate bowl and any Herborizer unit.
Keep stirring the weed in your Herborizer to extract all that THC.
1 piece - $4.32
Spare injector for all Herborizer models. The most crucial part of the Herborizer, the injector heats up your herbs to generate vapour.
XL - $114.07

This product is out of stock.

Injector stand for the Herborizer heater. This stand allows the Herborizer heater to cool down when not in use.
1 piece - $21.32
Are you a shaky stoner? This locking clip keeps your Herborizer construction in place.
1 piece - $3.17

This product is out of stock.

A pack of 10 screens for the Herborizer bowl.
10 pieces - $3.17
Replacement borosilicate glass body for the Herborizer Sphere.
1 piece - $137.12

This product is out of stock.

Are you into comfortable vaping? Then this suction hose for the Herborizer Sphere is for you.
1 piece - $27.08
Replacement suction tube for use with the Herborizer Sphere.
1 piece - $9.79
Replacement temperature controller for the XL Herborizer vaporizers.
XL - $73.74
Dropped your bowl? Not to worry, Herborizer has all sorts of replacement pieces.
1 piece - $40.33
Herborizer makes handblown glass vaporizers but their replacement pieces are of the same superb quality. This Ti glass Enail is a great backup item.
Did you break or lose the injector for your Herborizer Ti? Or do you want to save one for a rainy day?
1 piece - $14.40

This product is out of stock.

A replacement heater for the Herborizer Ti/Enail.
1 piece - $171.69
Keep your injector TI (or bowl TI) safe with this robust injector stand.
1 piece - $44.94

This product is out of stock.

O-rings are easy to lose but also easy to come by.
1 piece - $4.32
You can never have enough screens for your favourite vaporizer!
1 piece - $3.17
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