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Replacement mouthpieces for your IOLITE vaporizer. Pack of 3 pieces.

1 piece - $11.98

A replacement mouthpiece and herb chamber for the IOLITE vaporizer.

1 piece - $15.76

A 6-pack of fine, double woven mesh screens, especially designed to block small particles from being inhaled from the IOLITE vaporizer.

1 piece - $18.28

Made especially for the IOLITE vaporizer to remove the screen and to clean around the heating chamber.

1 piece - $9.45

Spare mesh screens for your IOLITE.

1 piece - $18.28

What's in a name... apparently quite a bit because this vapor optimizer does exactly what is says, and it does is well! Especially designed to improve the thickness of the…

1 piece - $14.50

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