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One of the secret weapons of the Linx Gaia is its intricate glass mouthpiece. Better get another one, just in case.

1 piece - $21.04
Got shaky hands? Luckily the folks at Linx came up with the ultimate solution for all that spilt weed: a screw-on loading funnel for the Gaia vaporizer.
1 piece - $21.04

Replacement magnetic tool for your Linx Gaia vaporizer.

1 piece - $7.01

The Linx Gaia mouthpiece is a thing of beauty. But even a highly functional mouthpiece needs a new screen once in awhile.

1 piece - $7.01

Once you have used the Gaia you'll know how handy the magnetic cap is. It protects the glass mouthpiece against scratching and dumb moves. But even magnetic tools get lost…

1 piece - $13.39

Another clever Gaia accessory: the dual connector USB charger which lets you charge your Gaia and certain smartphones with expensive charging cables. 

1 piece - $12.12
This bubbler is all you need to turn the great tasting vapour from your Linx vaporizer into amazing next-level super clouds.
1 piece - $27.42
A tiny atomizer for your tiny Hermes 2 vaporizer.
1 piece - $17.22

A replacement battery for the Linx Hermes 2. An extra battery can be a lifesaver on the road.

1 piece - $21.04

Extra charger for the Linx Hermes 2 vaporizer.

1 piece - $7.01

Replacement atomizer for the Linx Hypnos Zero vaporizer.

1 piece - $37.62

Replacement atomizer with dual quartz rods and quartz chamber for the Linx Hypnos Zero vaporizer.

1 piece - $37.62

Replacement Linx Hypnos Zero battery, the body that powers your favourite concentrate pen vaporizer.

1 piece - $41.45
Never break or lose your Linx Hypnos Zero accessoires anymore! This case is there to protect and hold them all. 
1 piece - $12.12

The all-important metal base of the Hypnos Zero mouthpiece to which a glass section can be attached. Bring on the concentrates!

1 piece - $10.84

An essential component of the pure enjoyment offered by the Linx Hypnos Zero: the glass mouthpiece.

1 piece - $9.57
Dig deep, dig up and tamp your extract with this Linx Hypnos Zero tool. 
1 piece - $7.01

Replacement USB charger for the amazing Linx Hypnos Zero concentrate pen. Small pen, small charger.

1 piece - $7.01
These mouthpiece caps for your Linx Hypnos Zero and the Linx Ares slide on easily. They protect the glass mouthpiece and can be used while the vape is on.
1 piece - $1.91
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