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Replacement mouth piece (acrylic) for your Magic-Flight Launch Box.
1 piece - $1.78
Set of spare caps for your batteries. Yeah, it's not really rocket science figuring that one out.
1 piece - $1.19
Keeps the Magic-Flight from continually making contact with the battery once the battery is let go.
1 piece - $0.89

This product is out of stock.

Hand-crafted in the United States, these elegantly designed wooden dart stems add a natural beauty to your Launch Box vaporizer. Great to look at and a pleasure to use!
The draw whip allows your vapour to cool as it goes through the tubing.
A pair of spare elastics. Just think of all the possibilities.
1 piece - $0.59
The kaleidoscope stem is a custom glass draw stem for your Magic-Flight vaporizer with a mesmerizing design. Hold the stem toward light to see a kaleidoscopic effect.
1 piece - $17.22
Battery 2 pack (rechargeable) with battery caps and Magic-Flight glyph.
1 piece - $14.84

This product is out of stock.

These tweezers are handy tool for placing your concentrate tray in the Launch Box or loading concentrates into your Muad-Dib Concentrate Box.
1 piece - $3.27
Whip clips are handy little hand-carved wooden clips to help tidy up your draw and/or water pipe whips. Adorned with Magic-Flight glyph and coil design.
Maple - $11.28
Hand-made wood stem made exclusively for use with the Launch Box. Stems come in Maple, Cherry or Walnut.
Black draw whip (45 cm) made of medical-grade silicone with brass fittings on both ends. The colours matches those of the Muad-Dib vaporizer, but this draw whip is also compatible…
1 piece - $11.28
Three stainless steel replacement screens for the Muad-Dib Concentrate Box, including a small ABV (Already Been Vaped) container.
1 piece - $17.81

This product is out of stock.

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