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Set of two different o-rings to keep your Flip Brick vaporizer in top shape.

1 piece - $4.41

Using a water tool with your HydroBrick Maxx gives you delicious, soft vapour. However, sometimes you might just want to take a hit straight away.

1 piece - $30.89

Two spare ones of each O-ring needed for the HydroBrick Maxx. The perfect solution for spaceheads!

1 piece - $6.93

With this whip you can connect your HydroBrick Maxx to a water tool and let your Brick do what it does best: creating dense, delicious clouds of vapour for you.

1 piece - $30.89

Extra storage jar that can be placed in the HydroBrick Maxx. Your stash will always be right in front of you!

1 piece - $8.19

Five brand new corks for your HydroBrick Maxx storage jar.

1 piece - $5.67

Managed to break the glass mouthpiece of your OG Brick? Don't worry!

1 piece - $24.58

Six extra O-rings for your OG Brick vaporizer.

1 piece - $8.19

If your world is crumbling and your Brick is falling apart: don't despair. This replacement stainless steel tube will keep your Brick together.

1 piece - $8.19

The OG Brick protects its glass parts like no other vaporizer. But perhaps you knocked it over when your favorite team scored? This glass kit has all the replacement parts…

1 piece - $30.89

Vaporizing concentrates with the OG Brick/HydroBrick Maxx is now possible with this converter.

1 piece - $19.54

The flame intake is a pretty essential part of the Sticky Brick vaporizer. So better get a second one in case of a calamity.

1 piece - $11.98

Five carb corks that can be used with any Sticky Brick vape.

1 piece - $5.67

Take your Sticky Brick Junior to the next level with this water pipe adapter. Connect it to your favourite glass and enjoy huge, smooth clouds of vapour.

1 piece - $40.97

The Sticky Brick lighted LED tweezers ensure perfect sight when replacing a screen or refilling your bowl.

1 piece - $8.19

With this replacement stem, you can connect your Sticky Brick to any water piece with a 14 mm or 18 mm connection. 

What would make the Sticky Brick vaporizers even more perfect and complete? That's right, an option to vaporize concentrates. This banger allows you to do just that.

1 piece - $34.67

Six stainless steel screens for your Sticky Brick vaporizer. And by that, we mean any Sticky Brick vaporizer.

1 piece - $5.67

Connect your Sticky Brick vape to your favourite water piece with a whip and this adapter. 

Use this adapter to connect your Sticky Brick vape to your favourite water piece.

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