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Finally some relaxed vaping with your Mighty now it will never fall over again thanks to this plastic stand.
1 piece - $16.33

This product is out of stock.

Stand for the Mighty vaporizer. Start you vaporizer exhibition today!
1 piece - $55.19
The Mighty wear & tear set includes all the parts necessary to keep your vaporizer running smoothly.
1 piece - $31.26$28.16
The Mighty makes a mighty big fall. This artisanal stand secures an upright position for your Mighty vaporizer.
beech - $32.67
Set of six screens for the Mighty and other Storz & Bickel vaporizers: four upper screens with regular mesh width and two lower screens with fine mesh width.
1 piece - $4.22
Filling chamber housing for your Plenty vaporizer. Please note, this is the plastic housing only. It does not include the internal stainless steel components.
1 piece - $7.32
The stainless steel cooling coil cools down the Plenty vaporizer's vapour in order to supply a full aromatic and pleasant flavour.
1 piece - $10.98
Plenty filling chamber spare parts, including: cylinder, cap, housing and two normal screens.
1 piece - $22.25
Tired of filling your Plenty chamber too full? Use the Plenty filling chamber cylinder reducer to reduce the size in half.
1 piece - $13.24
The Plenty filling chamber with reducer is used to reduce the chamber size of the Plenty.
1 piece - $22.25
A set of six screens with fine mesh width for the vaporization of powdered materials in the Plenty vaporizer. Ø 30 mm.
1 piece - $5.91

This product is out of stock.

Liquid pad set for the Plenty chamber reducer.
1 piece - $5.63
Four spare Plenty mouthpieces.
1 piece - $8.73
Set of 6 small screens with normal mesh width for the Plenty filling chamber reducer.
1 piece - $4.79
This replacement set contains three short tubing sections and three long tubing sections for the cooling coil of the Plenty vaporizer.
1 piece - $3.10
The Plenty wear & tear set includes all the parts necessary to keep your vaporizer running smoothly.
1 piece - $24.50
The Plenty vaporizer will get you high in no time. With this wooden stand, you can place it in an upright position, ready for duty!
ash - $32.67
Storz & Bickel dosing capsules make life so much easier. This impressive filling set ensures you can pack 40 capsules without making a mess.
1 piece - $54.07
Set of 6 small normal screens for use with all Storz & Bickel vaporizers.
1 set (6 pieces) - $4.79
This Storz & Bickel Plunger helps you pop the lids of the dosing capsules on. Super handy in combination with your Storz & Bickel filling set or magazine.
1 piece - $8.73
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