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Spare filling chamber for the Volcano Hybrid. This is where you put all the good stuff.
1 piece - $67.38

This product is out of stock.

Extra filling chamber housing for use with the Volcano Hybrid.
1 piece - $9.71
Getting high on your own? No need to completely fill that Volcano Hybrid bowl thanks to this handy filling chamber reducer.
1 piece - $13.42

This product is out of stock.

Vaping solo with the Volcano Hybrid? Use the filling chamber with reducer to vape a smaller amount of weed.
1 piece - $67.38

This product is out of stock.

Set of 6 fine screens for the Volcano Hybrid vaporizer.
1 piece - $6.00
Pair of stainless steel drip pads for the optimal use of cannabis oil with your amazing Volcano Hybrid.
1 piece - $5.71
The mouthpiece set offers a hygienic solution for frequent users of the Volcano Hybrid tube.
1 piece - $8.85
Set of 6 normal sized screens for the filling chamber of the Volcano Hybrid desktop vaporizer.
1 piece - $5.42
Normal set of small screens for the Volcano Hybrid.
1 piece - $4.85
Spare Volcano Hybrid power cord in case something happens to the original.
1 piece - $14.56
The starter set collects the most important accessories for the Volcano Hybrid in one handy box.
1 piece - $135.91

This product is out of stock.

Extra tube kit for the Volcano Hybrid vaporizer by Storz & Bickel.
1 piece - $22.56
Set of 3 silicone tubes with mouthpieces for use with the Volcano Hybrid vaporizer. For those of you who like direct hits.
1 piece - $33.98
Keep the all-important filling chamber of the Volcano Hybrid in top shape with this comprehensive wear & tear set.
1 piece - $9.99
The O-ring set includes all rubber rings for the Solid Valve.
1 piece - $9.99
The original Solid Valve Volcano balloons are made from highly pure, robust and seamless polyester. It is heatproof, food safe and tasteless. Pack of 3 pieces of 3 meters each.
1 piece - $9.99
The upper screen of the Solid Valve chamber insert prevents any particles of herbs from blowing up into the valve; the filling chamber disc opens the valve when it's attached…
1 piece - $10.28
This Solid Valve filling chamber is optimized for the vaporization of herbs in the Volcano vaporizer.
1 piece - $50.25
Filling chamber with two liquid pads so your Volcano Solid Valve vaporizer is equipped to vaporize liquids and oils.
1 piece - $50.25

A set of stainless steel screens with fine mesh width for the vaporization of powdered materials in the Solid Valve filling chamber. Contains additional nut and washer.

1 piece - $8.85
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