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Filling chamber with two liquid pads so your Volcano Solid Valve vaporizer is equipped to vaporize liquids and oils.
1 piece - $50.50

A set of stainless steel screens with fine mesh width for the vaporization of powdered materials in the Solid Valve filling chamber. Contains additional nut and washer.

1 piece - $8.90
Spare housing part for the Solid Valve. Please be aware that this is the plastic housing piece only.
1 piece - $16.93
Three spare lip pieces for the Volcano Solid Valve mouthpiece.
1 piece - $3.16
The stainless steel liquid pad was developed for the vaporization of liquids and oils. Ø 24 mm, a perfect fit for the Solid Valve.
1 piece - $5.74
The Volcano Solid Valve mouthpiece is attached to the balloon and allows for comfortable vaporizing.
1 piece - $21.81
A set of 6 screens with normal mesh width for the Volcano Solid Valve filling chamber (diameter with hole 24 mm, without hole 26 mm).
1 piece - $8.32
Complete set of all Solid Valve parts necessary to vaporize plant material with the Volcano hot air generator.
1 piece - $113.64
The slipring is used to attach the balloon to the Solid Valve. It is an easy-to-handle substitute for the balloon clip.
1 piece - $2.30
The valve piece is the cornerstone of the Volcano Solid Valve. When connected to the filling chamber, it allows the balloon to be filled with the finest vapours.
1 piece - $56.24
The Solid Valve wear & tear set includes all the small parts necessary to keep your Volcano vaporizer running smoothly.
1 piece - $24.97
The air filter cap is placed at the bottom of the Volcano vaporizer and serves as a cover for the interchangeable air filter.
1 piece - $2.30
Set of two replacement air filters for the Volcano. Breathe in clean air again!
1 piece - $4.59
If you don't use your Volcano vaporizer 24/7 it may be in need of some protection against dust. This vinyl cap keeps your dream machine super clean.
1 piece - $7.46
If you have a vaporizer as epic as the Volcano, it is obvious that you need a grinder that lives up to that standard. The Volcano herb mill XL does…
1 piece - $11.19
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