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A replacement container to hold Switzerland's most awesome vaporizer: the Vapman. Handy if you've lost or broken the original Vapman plastic container, or if you simply want to try a…
The steel funnel tube accessory helps you fill the Vapman bowl without spilling your herbs.
1 piece - $2.97
Replacement middle section for the Vapman. Includes white plastic mouthpiece and stainless steel filter. Available in Basic (plain wood) and Classic (polished wood) edition.
The Vapman mouthpiece is made of POM plastic and is resistant to solvents and heat. Can be cleaned with alcohol and hot water.
Turn your trusty Vapman into a mean concentrate machine with this special screen.
1 piece - $4.75
A stainless steel filter screen custom made to fit the Vapman. Easy to clean and replace.
1 piece - $2.97
The wooden mouthpiece accessory replaces the plastic mouthpiece the Vapman ships with. Like all materials used in the Vapman, it's handmade in Switzerland. Available in several varieties.
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