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A spare plastic mouthpiece that fits most VaporGenie vaporizers, except the Glass Sherlock and Glass Bat.
1 piece - $1.22
Pack of 10 replacement screens custom-made to fit the VaporGenie Classic vaporizer.
1 piece - $3.05
Customize your VaporGenie Classic vaporizer pipe with a different wooden top, making it look brand new once more.
Pack of 10 screens made for a perfect fit in your VaporGenie Glass Bat.
1 piece - $3.05

This product is out of stock.

This a replacement glass top for those who have broken the top part of the VaporGenie Glass and still have the ceramic filter that goes inside.
1 piece - $29.90

This product is out of stock.

Optimize the VaporGenie of your choice for liquids, oils and waxes with this nifty mesh pad.
1 piece - $4.27

This product is out of stock.

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