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De Verdamper

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A sturdy brush available in various sizes to clean the Verdamper vaporizers.
Protect your precious glass Verdamper vaporizer parts with grease.

1 piece - $9.47

A cork lid to be used on the Verdamper Reiziger.
A curved tube for the classic Verdamper Reiziger.

1 piece - $36.61

A down tube for the classic Verdamper Reiziger in sizes long and small.
A replacement jar for the classic Verdamper Reiziger in both sizes large and small.
A hand cut replacement screen for De Verdamper and De Verdamper Reiziger.

1 piece - $1.26

Down tube for large Verdamper vaporizers.

1 piece - $56.17

Down tube for small Verdamper vaporizers.

1 piece - $49.23

Head part for the Verdamper.

1 piece - $49.23

Verdamper heating element made of glass.

1 piece - $213.32

This product is out of stock.

Inhale tube suitable for all models of De Verdamper vaporizer.

1 piece - $43.55

De Verdamper jar with a capacity of 1500 or 2000 ml now available in a version with a valve and without a valve.
De verdamper valve ensures that there's no retraction of water up towards the heating element. It also provides the continuity of air pressure as you inhale. It's made of high…

1 piece - $43.55

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